Oskar Ly – Lejos


Actualmente establecido en San Francisco, Estados Unidos, el vocalista barranquillero Óskar Ly es un multi-instrumentista, compositor y arreglista que presenta y envuelve la salsa romantica con arreglos frescos y atrevidos. Lejos, su mas reciente single incorpora un bembé 6/8 y un songo funky con un solo de piano impresionante del mismo Oskar. Esta pieza presenta ademas a ganadores del GRAMMY® como Karl Perazzo, Omar Ledezma Jr., y Steffen Kuehn, junto con los vocales de Iván Rondón y Nacho Caxaj. Rumbaloo es el nombre de la agrupacion para la cual el pianista Óskar compone y arregla todas las piezas.

San Francisco – CA. Óskar Ly is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and producer within the Salsa and Jazz genres. Originally from Barranquilla, Colombia, he is bringing the vibe and colors of jazz into the contemporary Salsa Romántica. The result: a production featuring the swing and clave for the típico bailador to rapidly fall in love with; the aggressive brass lines and rich harmonies for the old school Salseros and Jazz fans to enjoy; and, of course, the beautiful melodies and lyrics of the Salsa Romántica for the newer generations of Salsa fans.
His new single, Lejos, narrates the story of a couple who must part ways after she receives a scholarship in a prestigious university. The video, which is available on YouTube and VEVO, depicts this drama along with the song composition process, shocking the viewers with a rather unexpected ending.

Lejos exhibits a cutting-edge arrangement, incorporating a 6/8 bembé in the very beginning, a funky songo in the mambo, and a virtuoso piano solo from Óskar Ly, who steals many elements from the jazz vocabulary. Óskar writes the lyrics, music, and arrangements for his 11-piece salsa band Rumbaloo, also performing and recording piano/keyboards, melodica, background vocals, and minor percussion. In addition, he acts as music, video, and photography director, art designer, as well as executive producer. Featuring world-class musicians such as GRAMMY® award winners Karl Perazzo, Omar Ledezma Jr., and Steffen Kuehn, along with the voices of Iván Rondón and Nacho Caxaj, this is a song EVERYBODY must listen, sing, and dance.

Nacho Caxaj and Ivan Rondon: vocales: Oskar Ly: piano; Sam Bevan: bajo; Karl Perazzo: congas y timbales; Omar Ledezma: Bongo and minor Percussion; Steffen Kuehn: trompeta; Percy Recavarren: trombo; Christian Tumalan: Studio Recording and Mixing