Julio Gutierrez – Play the Exciting Sound of Havana B.C.


Call it crazy, it really is ahead of its time – Cuban composer and piano player Julio Gutierrez

offers wild rhythms at its best on this album. Different from the more traditional style of the Cuban Jam Sessions where he participated in the late 50s, this LP opens with a 10 minute stroll for Cuban carnival comparsa and conga beats, titled “Havana B.C.”. Other tracks already reveal what it’s about with titles like “latino loco”, “exciting” or “Africanerías”, but there is also smooth cha cha chá, “ponte mameluco” and the vibe based bolero “mirame más”.

Some years prior to this piece Julio composed and produced la Lupe’s first LP “Fiebre – Con el Diablo en el Cuerpo”, take this as a motto for Julio’s spirit.

Sirena LP S-127, 1964

By Evelyn Raetz By Evelyn Raetz


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