Sexteto Caracas – Ritmo y Sabor de Fiesta con el


The only recording of this ephemeral guitar based sextet from Caracas, Venezuela. Led by Moisés “Ajoporro” Daubeterre who later would found the far more famous sextet “Grupo Mango” here he makes his first appearence on the record market.

This LP did not receive much attention at the time it was released, maybe because the boogaloo craze was already in decay at the end 60s.Nevertheless today it’s a collector’s item and the simply arranged tracks are quite charming.

Especially the guaracha “ahorita no” and the guaguancó “rico guaguancó” are worth to give it a try.

Diana” D-802 – 1969  (thanks to Jose Cheo Guevara for sharing his knowledge)

By Evelyn Raetz By Evelyn Raetz