Fayo Cabrera – ¡ Oye el Ritmo Sabroso!


Unique album of Mexican bandleader Fayo Cabrera from Veracruz where at that time you’d more likely find bands following the tradition of Sonora Matancera than a rhythm only line up backing the singers.

Although the repertoire includes the Matancera piece “ocana sordi” (comp. Carmelina Kessel, which Celia Cruz already recorded around 1949) it all sounds much like a New York thing

and pretty uptempo guaguancós, pachangas and guarachas make it a sought after “salsa” gem. Aside the mentioned “ocana sordi” Senen Suarez’ “guaguancó callejero” and “ñaña rube” of Roberto Espi’s Conjunto Casino are among the 12 excellent tracks to be enjoyed.

Musart LP D 939

By Evelyn RaetzBy Evelyn Raetz